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Speedy Tuesday - Exactly why is there a Snoopy about the dial omega watch replicas ?Snoopy Around the DialWhen I post a photo of my Speedmaster Snoopy replica watches on Instagram, or when writing a short article relating to this watch, I find questions why there's a Snoopy about the dial. Or exactly what the connection is between Snoopy and also the Speedmaster. This is answered before by me in the article for WatchTime magazine. However, Omega introduced the Silver Snoopy Award last year, and so the question spent my childhood years again maybe once or twice.Snoopy And NASA - Background StoryIf you're a Speedmaster aficionado at the same time, so you know some things with regards to the Apollo missions, maybe you seem to be informed about the application of Snoopy by NASA. In 1968, NASA select the famous beagle as an icon to do something being a type of "watchdog" over its missions. Inside same year, NASA chose to utilize a silver plate Snoopy pin to be a sign of thanks to NASA employees and contractors. Together with a commendation letter as well as a signed framed Snoopy certificate. Each one of the sterling silver Snoopy label pins is flown within a NASA mission.Charles M. SchulzCartoonist Charles M. Schulz History Of TagHeuer , who created the "Peanuts" cartoon was obviously a supporter on the NASA Apollo missions and consented to allow them to use "Snoopy the astronaut" totally free. He even drew the Snoopy figure with the metallic label pin.Apollo 10In May 1969, the Apollo 10 mission flew on the moon to perform a final checks for the subsequent mission, Apollo 11, to land on the Moon. The Apollo 10 mission required the Lunar Module (LM) to confirm the moon's surface from nearby and "snoop around" to locate a landing site for Apollo 11. Because of this, the Apollo 10 crew (Gene Cernan, John Young and Thomas Stafford) named the LM "Snoopy." The Apollo CM (command module) was nicknamed "Charlie Brown."Apollo 13Fast-forward to 1970. Within the interim, humans had enter for the moon and, about 12 months later, the Apollo 13 mission was supposed to bring another team of NASA astronauts towards the Moon (Lovell, Swigert and Haise). The mission's objective ended up being explorer a specific area on the moon called the Fra Mauro formation. It didn't get that far watches , because there was a blast at the agreeable the service module at approximately 200,000 miles distance from Earth.Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award with Silver Snoopy 'Lapel Pin' around the casebackRole in the SpeedmasterNASA's ground control came up with a solution eventually, which required the astronauts to have creative with a bit of materials agreeable their module. After fixes were created and all of systems worked (approximately) again, the crew started their journey to Earth. This can be a really quick version of the tale needless to say; the whole adventure is depicted within the 1995 movie, Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks (a devoted Speedmaster wearer himself, probably becoming one after his role in this movie). Now comes the part the place that the Speedmaster played an important role.14 SecondsThe Apollo 13 crew needed the Omega Speedmaster watch, first to time cheap replica watches ignition in the rockets to shorten the estimated entire get back to Earth, and secondly, to time the ignition from the rockets to diminish speed and lift the flight path angle for re-entry in the Earth's atmosphere. This 14 seconds operation was crucial, since any mistake from the timing can have generated the wrong entry angle and, as a result, potential disaster with the crew.14 seconds, 14 framesSnoopy AwardAs explained before, NASA used the Snoopy award for special contributions and outstanding efforts from both NASA personnel and contractors. On October 5th, 1970, NASA gave the Omega Speedmaster a Snoopy award to acknowledge the most important role the watch played during the Apollo 13 mission.Therefore you already know. If you have a Snoopy on the dial of the Speedmaster, this task means something. Ultimately, needless to say, one needn't be versed in most this history to buy and appreciate this watch; one might try to be hot for Snoopy.Omega Speedmaster Snoopy AwardIn 2003, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Professional "Snoopy Award" to commemorate this 1970 milestone. As a limited edition, Omega produced 5,441 components of the Speedmaster Snoopy. The amount involves the 142 hours, 54 minutes and 41 seconds that this mission lasted.2003 VersionOmega's cause of introducing this watch with a Snoopy on the dial 33 years as soon as the Apollo 13 mission, and being awarded with the Snoopy, is unknown for me. In line with the brand's other limited editions, I'd have expected a real release on the 30th or possibly 35th anniversary instead of 33rd. Despite the relative large number of Snoopy Speedmasters available, you must search to locate one at the decent price. Also, stay away from Snoopy Speedmasters that have the Snoopy around the dial and caseback fitted afterwards (Omega delivered these to service centers as spare parts). This watch is long sold out, breitling replica watches but you could possibly source one via eBay or Chrono24. Cost is throughout the 500-8000 Euro range. Below, a perception of my own Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award.2015 VersionLast year, for the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award. You can read our hands-on in-depth review of the second Speedmaster having a Snoopy for the dial. This unique of 1970 pieces only is a bit more 'over the top' than its 2003 predecessor. A white dial with several comic details, as being a sleeping Snoopy at 9 o'clock, 14 comic frames about the minute track and a text balloon above the center pinion. The caseback shows the larger Snoopy, created from silver. The Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is sold out, but could be found in unused condition on Chrono24. Prices vary between 10K and 15K Euro. Below, my very own Speedmaster Silver Award Snoopy on the grey suede strap (by StrapsByFleur).